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Automatic Filler - Mod. Linear

Automatic Filler for bag in box- ULTRA CLEAN
Automatic Filler for bag in box type “pre-cut continuous modular” or WEB, with neck positioned near the side of the bags which are moving forward.

The machine is suitable for:  wine, water, fruit juices, various concentrates, sauces, oil, detergents and other various liquids.

1,5 lt Bag - 820 bags per hour
2    lt Bag - 800 bags per hour
3    lt Bag - 750 bags per hour
5    lt Bag - 600 bags per hour
10  lt Bag - 450 bags per hour
15  lt Bag - 350 bags per hour
20  lt Bag - 300 bags per hour
The production depends on the type of product.


         Machine features:

  • The machine is made of 304 peened stainless steel.
  • 316 stainless steel ultra-clean valve.
  • Endress+Hauser electromagnetic flow measure.
  • Bag adjustable cutter.
  • Bag unloading roller for manual wrapping
  • Nitrogen injection after the filling process in the neck of the sack and in the cork.
  • Air sucking system
  • Recovering circuit CIP, which can be inserted automatically into the filling valve, fits for the steam sanitation
  • Product circuit and CIP that can be sterilized with vapour up to 110°
  • Product circuit material and CIP that are compatible with chemical cleaning.
  • Machine control PLC and format memorization (change of format in less than 5 minutes)
  • Automatic box progress
  • Modem for video service
  • Cap with Hepa bacteriological filters for laminar flow
  • Valve and corker fit to work with the highest standard of international taps.
  • 8.4” touch screen operator panel on which you can easily control all the programmable functions of the machine.
  • PLC and software arranged for the automatic put of the pouch in the box in case of insertion or addition of the machine in line for the automatic wrapping.


         Technical Data:

  • Filling precision +/- 0.5% with Endress+Hauser magnetic flow measure
  • 400 V 50 Hz input voltage
  • 0.5 installed power
  • 0.5 bar nitrogen pressure
  • 6 Nm 3/h to 6 bar of compressed air consumption
  • 24 V DC auxiliary voltage circuits



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